Welcome to Sertz
Sertz is a Windows desktop application for easily and quickly designing storage inserts for your favorite boardgames out of foam core poster board.  Best of all, it's free!

How Does It Work?

After installing and launching the application on your Windows 10/11 system, you are presented with an easy to use interface.  Start by specifying the inside dimensions of your game box.  Add trays and sections to the box, until you are satisfied with the layout. Click on the PDF button, and instructions will be generated in PDF for you to print out and use while cutting and assembling the insert.


  • Easy drag-and-resize interface for planning your insert layout
  • Four different views, so you can track your design from multiple angles
  • Name individual chambers so you can remember what they are for
  • Zoom in and out to make fine adjustments, or simply edit the dimensions directly
  • Built-in error validation to help you avoid common design mistakes
  • Auto-gridding for constructing multiple chambers at once
  • Save your designs to a file, for sharing and tweaking designs
  • PDF rendering of final design


Sertz is 100% Free!  No Ads.  No hidden ad-ons.
Just download the application and go!

If you love the application, you can buy me a coffee (see link below or on Contact page), and show your support that way.

Sertz - Released June 9, 2024
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Older Releases

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